Substantial increase in adverse reactions reported to Lareb

Lareb is the official Netherlands Pharmacovigilance Centre responsible for collecting and analyzing reports of adverse reactions of medicines and vaccines. In 2015, Lareb and the DREAM registry started a collaboration to improve the reporting and analysis of adverse reaction in patients with rheumatic conditions.   

In Mijnreumacentrum, the online monitoring system developed by TiH for DREAM, all adverse reactions are now automatically forwarded to the central collection point of Lareb. Here, the events are coded according to the MedDRA system, stored in their central database, and returned to the DREAM database.  

In their Highlights 2015 report, Lareb reports that the number of centrally collected adverse reactions increased by 11% in 2015. The number of events reported by healthcare professionals increased for the first time in years, according to Lareb mostly because of this new collaboration.