Transparency in Healthcare B.V. (TiH)

TiH is dedicated to improving quality of healthcare through innovative information technology.

We develop online monitoring software systems that allow to prospectively and systematically register clinical and patient-reported data. Analysis of the data ensures continuous transparency on the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare at the individual patient level, the hospital level and the population level. 

The systems are supported by user-friendly applications that allow multiple users to enter and monitor data. At the individual patient level, caregivers as well as patients have access to enter data and monitor the patients' health status in an electronic patient file (EPF). This application facilitates patient-centered care and supports self-management and involvement of patients in medical decision-making. 

At the hospital level and population level the data offers opportunities to monitor adherence to guidelines and stimulate efficient use of means. Benchmarking allows transparency of quality of care at the level of individual caregivers or institutions and starts a cycle of improvement through clinical auditing.

Computerized Adaptive Testing demo

CAT Fatigue

Demo version of the computerized adaptive test for fatigue
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Results of the year of transparency

Minister Schippers mentions the collaboration between TiH and the DREAM registry as an example for transparency in health care outcomes in her letter to the House of Representatives.


Registries & Electronic Patient Files

TiH develops registries that combine prospective clinical data as well as patient reported outcomes.
Electronic Patient Files (EPFs) are developed that allow monitoring of individual patients.  


Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

PROMs assess quality of care from the patient perspective. TiH combines clinical measures with PROMs to provide a holistic view on the quality of healthcare.



Computerized Adaptive Tests (CATs)

TiH develops innovative assessment methods to continuously and systematically gather patient reported outcomes via the patient portals, with an expertise in computerized adaptive testing (CAT).


Information Security

Transparency in Healthcare is certified according to the international ISO27001 and the Dutch NEN7510 standards for Information Security Management Systems.


To learn from others and share our experiences we work closely together with: