Transparency in Healthcare (TiH) is dedicated to improving the transparency and quality of healthcare through state-of-the-art measurement and outcomes research. Our team has specific scientific expertise in the development, validation and application of innovative patient-reported outcome measurement tools. We provide consulting services and operational capabilities in conducting and reporting real-world health outcomes research. 

Computerized Adaptive Testing demo

CAT Physical Functioning

TiH has developed a new Computerized Adaptive Test for physical functioning.
Try the demo here »

Latest news

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs)

Combining clinical measures with PROMs to provide a holistic view on the quality of healthcare.


Computerized adaptive tests (CATs)

Innovative methods for smart and efficient assessment of patient-reported outcomes.


Common metrics

Standardization of outcomes by scaling different instruments on the same metric.


Consulting and professional services

Consultation and operational support for real-world health outcomes research.