Common metrics

Around the world, many different questionnaires are being used to measure similar patient-reported outcomes. This is a serious barrier to applications for which data needs to be pooled across data sources, such as benchmarking quality of care provided by different healthcare providers.

Transparency in Healthcare links questionnaires for the same outcome domain to a common scale using state-of-the-art psychometric techniques. Such 'common metrics' allow hospitals, other healthcare providers, or researchers to compare outcomes, even when different questionnaires were used.  

So far, TiH has developed common metrics for pain, physical functioning and fatigue. These include many of the most commonly used, validated questionnaires. Healthcare organizations or professionals with data on any of these domains can obtain linked scores at no cost.

If you are interested in obtaining linked scores or in participating in the development of new common metrics for other domains, please contact Martijn Oude Voshaar for additional details.